Why David Levy

A third-generation Diamond Cutter and Jeweler with over three decades of experience, David Levy has an unrivaled dedication to perfection in all aspects of diamond manufacturing and jewelry design. After beginning his career at his family jewelry manufacturing business, David established his company in 2000.

David’s dedication to perfection in manufacturing combined with his unparalleled dedication to personal service and building relationships make him a true matchmaker. Whether reinterpreting past motifs or creating totally new designs, David’s trademark taste and inspiration are always unmistakable. David employs some of the best craftsmen in the industry who give each diamond or jewel the unmistakable touch for absolute perfection.

David specializes in fine cut (Excellent) diamonds in a wide range of qualities and shapes. All the diamonds we sell are “conflict free”, they have all gone through the Kimberly Process, created to eliminate the trading of conflict diamonds. We buy rough diamonds & our skilled diamond cutters shape & polish them to exact specifications. Both the diamond cutting and jewelry production is done in our NYC factory. This ensures that down to the very last detail there is always a balance between the creative idea and its realization.

The process begins with a consultation, either in person or remotely and it continues when we start the jewelry design process. Some clients prefer to be involved 100% in the process of the project, others prefer to have less involvement and trust the process. The choice is yours. But regardless of your level of involvement, you can be sure your project will be completed to perfection.

David has built his business on listening to customers’ wants and needs, and will make sure your time with us is relaxing, fun and more. This is an investment in something that is as rare and wonderful as it is valuable. We are here to help you select the right diamond at the right price. Three generations in the diamond business have taught us how to make your experience relaxing, informative and fun.